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Molly Brown Summer House

Molly Brown Summer House

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From Molly Brown Summer House
  1. On the the rest of my life. Love and be loved was the tone for Becki and Brent's special day in June.DSC_4703
    On the the rest of  my life. Love and be loved was the tone for Becki and Brent's special day in June.DSC_4703
  2. He's waiting for me...
    He's waiting for me...
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  4. DSC_0616
  5. DSC_4726
  6. IMG_0765
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  8. _DSC1640
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  10. DSC_4652
  11. Dance the night away._DSC2387
    Dance the night away._DSC2387
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  13. _DSC2535
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  15. AE0A0660
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  35. July 30-22
    July 30-22
  36. July 30-272
    July 30-272
  37. July 30-326
    July 30-326
  38. July 30-7
    July 30-7
  39. July 30-137
    July 30-137
  40. July 30-319
    July 30-319
  41. July 30-601
    July 30-601
  42. July 30-11
    July 30-11
  43. July 30-573
    July 30-573
  44. July 30-10
    July 30-10
  45. July 30-18
    July 30-18
  46. July 30-587
    July 30-587
  47. July 30-586
    July 30-586
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2690 South Wadsworth Blvd.
Denver, CO, 80227
[View Map / Directions]
720 253 8349
Category: Sites
  • Price Range: $15 & Up + Site Fee
  • Number of Affairs: 1
  • Capacity: Up to 200
  • Cuisine: Custom
  • Ceremony Capability: yes
  • Outdoor Capability: yes
  • Bridal Suite Available: yes
  • Valet Parking: available
  • Party Planner: yes
  • Off Premise Catering: yes
  • Kosher: available
  • Guest Accomodations: nearby
  • Water View: No
  • Golf Course View: No
  • Mountain View: Yes
  • City View: Yes
  • Beachfront: No


Charming, warm historic setting.

The NEW, elegant, 4,000 square foot Denver Pavilion at the Brown's is available for your event year round; whether it be a wedding, reception, shower, graduation, business or family function. 

The Pavilion hosts up to 200 guests and is embraced by French doors and a lighted glass cupola complete with an antique wedding bell. One half of the entire space is dedicated to dancing and leads to the 650 square foot covered veranda, which overlooks spectacular gardens and century old trees. A New England field stone interior fire place boasts warmth on one side, while your DJ enjoys a dedicated circuit on the other. A spacious patio courtyard with fire pit is great for gathering and cocktails. The curvy cobble stone walking paths and large stone walls surround the entire property, keeping little guests occupied and safe. A fully appointed commercial kitchen & BBQ area are available for all to enjoy and the huge bridal changing room will make everyone feel at home.

Avoca Lodge, the Molly Brown Summer House Museum built in 1897 is just 10 steps from the new Pavilion and is always open for every couple and their family to wander and enjoy. The Summer House has also been newly decorated as a walk through Museum, filled with exhibits and vintage furniture which depict how it might have felt to live in the country home of a late 1800's family. It's the perfect exploration for guests while the newly married couple have a relaxed after ceremony photo shoot on the grounds with family and bridal party.  

Hospitality has always lived at Avoca Lodge, The Molly Brown Summer House, and now, it will continue to thrive at The Denver Pavilion at the Brown's!

The Molly Brown Summer House will gladly provide you with a list of trusted caterers that can design a menu to fit your budget or special needs. Located at the corner of  So. Wadsworth Blvd. at Yale.

Sample Menu

Herb Crusted Prime Rib
carved at the buffet, 
served with a Creamed Horseradish and Aujus

Chicken Picatta
boneless Chicken Breast, sautéed 
and served with a Lemon Caper Cream Sauce

Long Grain and Wild Rice

Oven Roasted New Potatoes with fresh Herbs

Garden Fresh Asparagus lightly blanched and 
served with a Butter Glaze

Homemade Whole Wheat Rolls with Butter

Menu provided by Stellar Catering