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Cottonwood Glen at Kiowa Creek

Cottonwood Glen at Kiowa Creek

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From Cottonwood Glen at Kiowa Creek
  1. Cottonwood Glen at Kiowa Creek
    Cottonwood Glen at Kiowa Creek
  2. Cottonwood Glen at Kiowa Creek
    Cottonwood Glen at Kiowa Creek
  3. Cottonwood Glen at Kiowa Creek
    Cottonwood Glen at Kiowa Creek
  4. Wedding-363
  5. Wedding-375
  6. Wedding-517
  7. Wedding-534
  8. Wedding-540
  9. Wedding-677
  10. Wedding-681
  11. Wedding-721
  12. 348_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
    348_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
  13. 371_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
    371_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
  14. 289_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
    289_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
  15. 387_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
    387_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
  16. 385_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
    385_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
  17. 394_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding-2
    394_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding-2
  18. 468_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
    468_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
  19. 258_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
    258_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
  20. 241_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
    241_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
  21. 610_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
    610_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
  22. 571_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
    571_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
  23. 655_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
    655_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
  24. 734_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
    734_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
  25. 777_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
    777_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
  26. 857_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
    857_Dakota+Brianna_Brumley & Wells_Fine_Art_Film_Photography_Colorado_Wedding
  27. 20160716-Photographybybritton-102 copy
    20160716-Photographybybritton-102 copy
  28. 20160716-Photographybybritton-212 copy
    20160716-Photographybybritton-212 copy
  29. 20160716-Photographybybritton-752 copy
    20160716-Photographybybritton-752 copy
46700 East County Road 30
Bennett, CO, 80602
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Category: Sites
  • Price Range: $25 & up + site fee
  • Number of Affairs: 1
  • Capacity: Up to 250
  • Cuisine: Custom
  • Ceremony Capability: yes
  • Outdoor Capability: yes
  • Bridal Suite Available: yes
  • Valet Parking: available
  • Party Planner: no
  • Off Premise Catering: yes
  • Kosher: available
  • Guest Accomodations: nearby


The Venue that Love Built!

Located just 25 miles east of the Denver Tech Center, Cottonwood Glen is a hidden gem designed to accommodate all of Colorado’s outdoor wedding celebrations. It is the ideal spot for your wedding ceremony and reception, summer engagement toast, bridal luncheon, or groom's bachelor party on Kiowa Creek Sporting Club’s sporting clay course.  

This versatile venue is inspired by Colorado’s natural beauty, incorporating mature cottonwood trees, specialty lighting, and professional landscaping with an abundance of cascading florals. Event areas and accents include: a grand outdoor patio with hearth, pergola, events lawn, a cottonwood lined ceremony meadow, private bridal suite, water features, entertainment vignettes and more!  

Other amenities Cottonwood Glen offers:      
•  On-Site Coordination
•  One Wedding per day
•  10 hour Reservations
•  Complimentary Parking
•  Champagne Service for Bridal Party
•  On Site Inventory
•  Ceremony Sound System Equipment
•  Wedding Packages that include tent, tables and chairs
•  Engagement Photo Shoot Reservations
•  And more!

Cottonwood Glen’s designated spaces can accommodate groups of all sizes and was created with outdoor weddings and events in mind!

Sample Menu

Ceremony Water Station
Catering by Design

Passed Hors D'Oeuvres
ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHITE WINGS/ All natural chicken breast stuffed with Jalapenos and wrapped in crispy bacon, served with creamy southwest sauce.
Tony Rosacci’s Fine Catering

FIRECRACKER SHRIMP ROLL/Spicy Shrimp Wrapped in Crispy Wonton Served with Orange Honey Soy Sauce
Footers Catering

Salad Course
FIELD GREENS AND STRAWBERRY SALAD/spring greens tossed with sliced strawberries, scallions, sliced almonds and tarragon in fresh lemon vinaigrette
Three Tomatoes

COLORADO LAMB LOIN/Smoked Red Chimichurri, Roasted Spaghetti Squash, Asparagus & 12 Hour Roasted Tomatoes

PAN SEARED COLORADO TILAPIA/Creamy Asiago Polenta & Charred Brussels Sprouts
All Love Catering

Catering by Design

FRENCH MACAROONS/choose from the following flavors dark chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, pistachio and lemon
Bistro Boys Catering

PEACHES & CREAM/Bourbon-Brown Sugar Roasted Palisade Peaches with Vanilla Bean Creme Fraiche & Cashew Brittle Crumble
Relish Catering

Late Night Snack
BUTTERMILK CHIPOTLE CHICKEN FINGERSHousemade chips, red hot ranch drizzle
Occasions Catering